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Aftercare Instructions – Lip Blush Tattoo


These healing instructions play a huge role in the end result of your Cosmetic Tattoo. It is important to follow these instructions in their entirety to achieve the best result.


CAUTION: In the first few days of healing there is an increased risk of COLD SORES aka Herpes Virus, and other infections (Smear Infections). It is important during this time to take extra precautions to keep your tattooed lips clean to avoid these risks. Valtrex is HIGHLY recommended for those who are prone to cold sores aka Herpes Virus. This medication should be taken before and after your appointment. If you prefer a more natural medication, L-Lysine capsules can be used as a precautionary measure, and are available at pharmacies without a prescription. To prevent a possible outbreak, take a daily dose of 1.5g L-Lysine, and during the acute stage of herpes infection take a daily dose of 2-4g L-Lysine.


Day One through Seven


Your new Lip Blush Tattoo may appear very dark, and overwhelming during this time. In the next few days crusts and flakes will form, this is a normal part of healing. Your new tattoo will change a lot during the next few weeks, so please trust the process.

You can begin immediately to apply the Vitamin A&D ointment provided. You will need to apply the ointment as much as needed while the lips are crusting. It is important that you do not pull off any of the dry skin or flakes, as you can remove the implanted pigment. Apply a tiny amount using a clean Q-tip onto the lip area, not too much, just enough to keep them comfortable and moisturized.


 Avoid wetting the Lips for this period of time. Bathing is recommended rather than showering, and a face cloth or make-up wipe to clean your face will have best results to avoid the lip area. Do not apply anything but ointment on the lip area until fully healed. Avoid WATER, SOAP, and OIL. Be careful when brushing your teeth as you do not want to crack you lips due to stretching. Dentists should be avoided during this time, as they also stretch the lip area. Spicy foods should be avoided, as well as direct sunlight. Make sure all drinking glasses are clean, or use a straw. Kissing is off limits! Especially if there is a beard involved! 



Day Seven +

Your Lip Blush Tattoo may appear to be fully healed, but will still change below the surface, and lighten up and soften. The full healing process takes about 6 weeks, and will require an 8 week touch–up to fill in any areas that may need a bit of a boost. Keep applying the ointment if all your scabs have not yet fallen off. You can shower normally at this stage of healing.

If you have any additional questions about your healing, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me at  / 403.614.7689

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