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Lip Blush is a great way to add some color and symmetry to your lips, using a custom color that is chosen based on your skin color, and preference. It is important to keep in mind that Lip Blush Tattoos will fade 50-60% so going a bit brighter and darker is recommended. When you leave the day of the procedure your lips will look more like lipstick, but as the tattoo fades you will be left with a beautiful tinted look that you can add gloss to and go!

Lip Blush can cause an outbreak of cold sores, and it is essential that if you have ever had any outbreak (even 1) that valtrex is used before and after the procedure for best healed results. If valtrex is not used and an outbreak does occur, the cold sores will pull the pigment from your lips, and the healed result will be very uneven. 


What to expect?


* You can expect some swelling, and potentially some bruising from Lip Blush Tattoo as the skin that makes up your lips is very delicate, thin, and vascular. 

* Flaking will occur during the first week, and it is important not to pick at the flakes, as you can pick the tattooed pigment directly from your skin. Your fingers and hand carry harmful bacteria that can cause an infection to occur, so fingers away!

Still have questions about Lip Blush & whether of not it's right for you? Drop us a line!

Want to see examples of fresh lip blush? Please see our GALLERY tab!

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