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Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo - Not to be confused with Eyeliner tattoo is perfect for those who wish to darken their lash line, and frame their eyes. The best way to describe Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo is, you know the look when you wash your face after wearing eyeliner for the day, and there is still a darkness that resides just in the lash line? That is comparable to Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo. 

Pair Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo with Eyelash Extensions and you are set! Please keep in mind that you will need to remove all Eyelash Extensions before your appointment. They will need to be left off for a two week period while your new tattoo is healing. It is important that this step is followed, as the Eyelash Extensions can carry bacteria that can cause a potential infection, if not cleansed properly. Trust me though, its worth it when you have the perfect dark lash line that everyone desires, without looking made up. 

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