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There are a few different types of Eyebrow Tattoos executed at Robin Yu Cosmetic Tattoo, but all are completed with a digital machine. Robin does not Microblade. A small NANO needle is used to either create very thin hair like strokes, a shading technique, or both!  All Eyebrow Tattoo appointments are 3.5-4 hours, which includes paperwork, eyebrow design, numbing, colour selection, and the actual procedure. After your first initial appointment a touch up is booked 6-8 weeks later to perfect any areas that may not have healed perfectly. This appointment takes about 1.5 hours, and is highly recommended as this is a two step process. All forms of Eyebrow Tattoo will look dark at first but as they heal they will fade into a natural powdery brow that you will love! so please trust the process.


Nano Eyebrows

This technique is completed using the thinnest Nano needle as described above. The tattooed hair strokes are implanted into the skin to blend seamlessly into your natural hair growth. Some shading can be added for dimension at no added cost to you. Nano Eyebrows may not be the best decision for you if you have very oily skin, as the large amounts of sebum can blur the strokes and cause them to bleed together over time. With that being said though, if you are looking for hair stroke tattoo, Nano Brows is the way to go. Microbading has been proven to not be ideal in these circumstances, and can have a undesirable result.


Please see the GALLERY tab for just how gorgeous Nano Eyebrows look!

Ombré Powder Eyebrow Tattoo 

Ombré Eyebrow Tattoo is becoming one of the most popular forms of Eyebrow Tattoo! Ombré differs from Nano Brows as the whole brow is shaded, and fades lighter in color toward the nose. If you prefer more of a "filled in" look Ombré may be the best option for you. Ombré will appear quite bold right after the procedure, but will fade into a powdery light finish on the skin. 

Please see the GALLERY tab to see for yourself how gorgeous Ombré Powder Eyebrows Look!

Micro-Shading Eyebrow Tattoo

Micro-Shading is the beautiful union of mostly Ombré Powder brows with Nano Strokes at the front of the brow for some added dimension. This technique differs from Nano Brows as the strokes are not visible throughout the eyebrow, only at the front of the brow. 

Please see the GALLERY tab for some examples of Micro-Shading Eyebrow Tattoo!

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