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Robin has over 15 years experience in the beauty industry, and 5 Years Cosmetic Tattoo experience. Robin is 5X Certified giving her extensive knowledge to what would work best for you, your skin, and your face shape. 

Located Within Beautiful NW Calgary 

Robin Yu Cosmetic Tattoo is situated within NW Calgary Alberta. The Studio is Licensed, Alberta Health Services Approved & Insured.

During your visit at Robin Yu Cosmetic Tattoo, your comfort is her first priority. 

Robin will combine her skills from multiple certifications to bring you a customized consultation, and a eyebrow shape like no other. Every face shape is different, which is why every brow design is tailored to you, and only you. 

Robin prides herself on a clean hygienic work environment that puts your safety first. Rest assured your health is her number one priority. 


Get comfortable in my cozy home studio, and she will take care of the rest. 


I have been going to Robin since 2016, and I will never go see anyone else but her. My healed results are beyond spectacular with her. I recommend her to everyone I know, and I receive compliments on daily basis about how great my eyebrows look. She’s an expert in her field, but that doesn’t stop her from further developing her mastery with advanced coursework, which I greatly appreciate as her client. As an added bonus, she has the kindest heart, makes you feel comfortable from the start with her calming aura, and truly wants her clients to look their best. You get what you pay for with Robin, which means you get the absolute best.


—  lauren M 


First off, Thank you for considering me to tattoo your face! We live in a world full of options, and I am truly thankful for each and every client. <3


My journey to Cosmetic Tattooing began in the arts! anything to do with being creative, and I was all over it. I always enjoyed painting, sculpting, and sketching and literally anything else I could sink my fingers into...

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